Company Profile

The K/O Design studio is architectural design company, established 1993 by Kunihide Oshinomi. And we have tried all kinds of design relating to the formation of human environments - from skyscrapers, to residences, furniture, door handles and even fashions. Because we do believe that, architecture is only a small part of the human environment, and it may cause a confusion if we treat architecture as a special factor from design point of view. The K/O Design studio is challenging to design human surroundings to create highly sophisticated environmental harmony.

Kunihide Oshinomi


1965: Received Bachelor of Engneering from Yokohama National University.
1965-66: Assistant at Yokohama National University.
1966: Kajima Corporation, Architectual Design Dept.
2001: Retired from KAJIMA DESIGN
Present: K/O Design StudioStudio Head,
Visiting Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology University.
Visiting Professor, Yokohama National University, Graduate School.


1985: Interior Watching, Kajima Institute Publishing Co.
1987: Planning and Detailing of"Intelligent Buildings," Shoukokusya Publishing.


1992: Received 12th Japan Light Metal Association Design Award, Building Constructors Society Design Award for the design of "Tokio Marine Plaza Building in Osaka."
1995: Received J.C.D. Design Award, Building Constructors Society Design Awardfor the design of "Tokio Marine Oyama Training Center."
1996: Received Architectural Design Commendation of the Architectural Institute of Japan for the design of "Timber Frame House with a Curtain Wall."
1998: 1998: Winner "Good Design Award" Gold Prize, Received Marble Architecture Award for the design, Building Constructors Society Design Award for the design of "ÉCOLE DE Hayama."
1999: Winner, Japan Mens Fashion Unity, Smart Collection 1999 in Summer.