July, 1993, Kunihide Oshinomi Exhibition was held at Akira Ikeda Gallery in Prince Street, New York. Among the exhibits were lever handle, lighting equipment, chair, sofa, bench, dining table and a model of Osaka TOKIO MARINE Building. Following are the comments received from Terence Riley, director of MoMA New York who have visited the show.

The work of Kunihide Oshinomi like few other contemporary arc- hitects, represents an ongoing quest for a perfected state of being beyond the vicssitudes of quotidian happen-stance. The solemnity of his formal rational- ism is a continuum from the smallest scale to the largest. Indeed, even his architecture alludes to yet another larger dimension : a world of somber essences, revealed in the reflec- tion of its own gravity. The words of the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson are appropriate :

Every sprit build itself a house And beyond its house, a world And beyond its world, a heaven Build therefore, your own world.

- from the word of the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson

Terence Riley
Department of Architecture and Design
The Museum of Modern Art NewYork
June 17, 1994